Terra Speakeasy Bar is a rooftop cafe at Hotel Executive Enclave. Wine, dine and everything’s fine! Book your table by hitting the contact button!
In a circus of burgeoning new restaurants in the city, experimenting and innovating to keep up with the race, Terra is unmentionably here to stay, with its secret hideout rooftop location that has been a regular for Bandraaites since years for unwinding under the stars for drinks and its diligently honest tastes in food.
Previously known as The Café, Terra makes you feel as if you are in a European setting in Toscana or a quaint Spanish town, soothing to the eyes with its white interiors and hints of turquoise. The playful use of greens in plants and its roof top garden, with notes of bonsais on each table exemplify its rustic and original nature living to its name “Terra”- that means ‘earth’ in Latin.


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