Capital Social

BKC’s crisp white collars and starched socks have been monuments to the great beast of capitalism, whether that beast be a bull or a bear, they stay united in pursuit of a common ideal. This Social is a stark dismissal of its commercial surroundings and a warm, red embrace of everything human, individualistic, creative and non-conformist in celebration of innovative unity.

Part bunker, part refuge for the outliers, Capital Social is a second home for entrepreneurs and creative minded professionals, where business mixes with pleasure in Social’s signature ‘second space’.

At Capital Social, we contrast the popcorn clutter of BKC with a strong response, which would spell out a typical ‘Social’ response to the surroundings. The raw, austere design that spawned the architecture of Brutalism and all its dark descendants are all veritably present here. The bar here, channels the Russian code breaking machines of the Cold War, and a military bunker room vibe is brought about by rusty metal plates, old lockers and bunk-beds, cold slabs and large banners.

The connections and comfort of a brief bunkered respite, devoid of the grey, glassy gloom of BKC, are what #CapitalSocial hopes to humbly provide.


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