Carter Road Social

Remember when we used to sit by the rocks, talking about love, life and the mysteries of the universe, while the careless whispers of the waves crashing upon the Carter Road promenade, felt like music to the ears? Right at the junction of your nostalgia, you’ll find Carter Road Social, a space that celebrates all that’s wonderful about this street!

Carter Road Social Classics, with tropical specials like the ‘Freaky Tiki’ and ‘Fool’s Gold’ to help you (re)discover #LoveOnTheRocks (the bar signage says it all) For truer nostalgia #feels, try the ‘Berry Sharabi’, the ‘Bomb Shell’, ‘The Open Sesame’, and the pretty ‘Lady in Pink’.

Whether you’re looking for a #TBT, or just a place that’ll let you revel in those summer feels, #CarterRoadSocial is the place to be.


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