Khar Social

Khar’s quiet and snaking bylanes have known to been home to many things nice, from memories of youth to the innovations of tomorrow. With its reputation for innovation and its one-of-its-kind skate spot, Social is a home to the city’s burgeoning skateboarding community and great creators of the future alike.

This 3500 sq. ft. two-storeyed space is an ode to a city that is perennially building, drilling, grinding and welding – one in which signs of construction and evolution are everywhere. It draws from low income-housing, and its interiors embody the word ‘Jugaad’ – i.e. a low-cost, quick and ingenious solution to any problem!

Everything at Khar Social is 100% upcycled, true to Social’s vision of using sustainable materials. Furthermore, the table tops are discarded timber-framed doors converted in the very state they were discovered, and the lights have been sourced and repurposed from doctor’s rooms.

The marriage between savvy, yet sustainable and offline while being connected is sure to bring a spark to your mind and a smile on your face from the moment you enter #KharSocial, to the moment you leave.


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