Mahé, Goa is a part of Coast to Coast Hospitality & Lifestyle, a collaboration between Restaurateur’s Parth Timbadia and Sandeep Sreedharan. Individually they have created well known brands such as Curry Tales, Escabrahma, Bonobo and Jam Jar Diner. Mahe, Birthplace and home of Sandeep, is at the heart of its existence as a showcase of cuisines from across the entire coastline of India.

Mahe, Goa is a dining experience set in a 19th Century Portho house with a large Al-Fresco area as well. The idea of Mahe is to create a unique culinary experience and pay tribute to the cuisines of the vast Indian coastline. The food concept brings familiar cuisine which is ‘Contemporary yet Familiar’ as an experience to the table using modern techniques.


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