Palladium Social

The iconic fashion hub Palladium, known across the city as a paragon of finery, once lacked a place to recover from the quest to score your next buy. Sure, the high street fashion stores entice and enthrall, but after the shopping high wears off, there ought to be a place for the weary.

Enter Palladium Social, which opens on a huge charcoal black stained wood doorway to sweep guests into another time zone (literally)! As one crosses over the fluted glass paneled facade, the solid rough-cut wood log tables greet guests with a sheen.

The customised low slung light fixture rows are as quirky as Social could get, surrounded by the raw concrete walls. Just as one starts wondering if there’s more to this new Social than meets the eye, the chunky bar surprises you with a whammy of those forgotten ceramic glazed tiles (much like the old hamams in Turkey).

Social knows that an army of creative entrepreneurs can’t march on a lack of inspiration, so #PalladiumSocial gifts itself to those troopers, making it one helluva ‘hoppy’ place to spend the day working.


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